Why Mexican Cuisine Is Perfect For Your Summer Party

January 14, 2021

Summer is the perfect party season for a lot of people. When hosting a party, one thing you should not forget is the food. A party is not a party without food. Because it’s hot out, you may want to have a list of menu items that are light, fresh and delicious while trying to beat the summer heat.

With so many different cuisines to choose from, why choose Mexican for your next party? Their combination of flavorful ingredients create delicious and sophisticated meals. In fact, Mexico scores high on “food introduced to the world” compared to other countries. Apart from that, the food can be prepared easily, just the way you like it during a summer party.

Here are some Mexican dishes and drinks you can include in your summer party:

Chunky Guacamole
There is no Mexican-themed summer party without guacamole on your table. Your chunky guacamole is very easy to prepare for your summer party. Serve this dish at your social gathering or get together with your friends this summer and your home will surely be filled with laughter and unending talks.

Rib-eye Steak and Corn
Complete your summer party with some rib-eye steak and corn on the cob on your grill. You can add lime butter and spicy chile to emphasize the Mexican flavor. With this recipe on your table, you will surely hit that sweet spot of food satisfaction on your guests.

Baja Fish Tacos
Tacos are a fun and interactive way to feed a crowd on whatever occasion it may be. You can decide to put in all the ingredients on your table and just let your guests build their own taco. And with refreshing cocktails on the side, your Mexican-themed summer party will be a hit.

Your Mexican summer party will never be complete without authentic Mexican drinks. This sweet rice milk beverage will be the extra touch to cool off the summer heat while hanging out with your friends.

Piña Colada
Another drink to consider for your summer party is the Piña Colada. Although it originally came from Puerto Rico, many Mexicans and Mexican restaurants have incorporated this refreshment on their menu. A non-alcoholic alternative can be served to your kids too.

And of course, who can forget tacos, quesadillas and flautas? Mexican cuisine wouldn’t be complete without these Mexican food staples. Now that you have a list of Mexican cuisines, your next summer party will surely be a blast.

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