Your Favorite Authentic Mexican Cocktails and the Best Dishes to Pair with Them

January 14, 2021

Whether you’re dining alone or with a companion, a cold and fruity cocktail can enhance your overall dining experience. Mexican cuisine offers both delicious food and exciting drinks. Some authentic Mexican cocktails are best paired with particular dishes that bring out the flavor in both the meal and the drink.

And if you’re in Springfield, Woodbridge, Alexandria, or nearby areas in Virginia, why not drop by the nearest El Paso Mexican Restaurant for some authentic Mexican cuisine? We serve traditional dishes and other variations of Mexican delicacies that will go well with a nice cocktail.

Here are the best Mexican cocktail and food pairs:

Tequila-Based Cocktails

With a required minimum of 40 percent alcohol content in the United States, tequila served neat (or on its own without any ice or mixers) in shot glasses can be very strong. It is not something you want to drink on a lunch date.

Served with other liquors, fruits, syrups, and mixers, however, a tequila cocktail can be a refreshing drink with a kick. Because it comes from a blue agave plant, tequila is best served mixed with citrus fruit and a light dish. We recommend a taco made with meats such as braised pork or chicken. You can also pair it with a seafood dish.


Staying with tequila, a Cantarito is one of the authentic tequila-based Mexican drinks that have become popular. The name comes from the word “cantaro,” meaning jug, which is the small clay cups restaurants and bars around Mexico used to serve the drink.

Bartenders traditionally make the cocktail with tequila, lime juice, salt, and grapefruit juice or soda. However, it is not a fancy drink; bartenders serve it in a humble cup, which represents part of Mexico’s culture and history. Some restaurants let you take the cup home as a souvenir!

Like most tequila cocktails, it goes best with lighter dishes, so avoid the meatier meals. Start with a nacho or quesadilla and then, for entrée, try the seafood dishes on the menu, such as fish tacos and shrimp.


Margaritas are arguably the most popular Mexican tequila drink and have different variations wherever you go. The best margaritas are made with the best tequila and other ingredients, namely lime juice and triple sec, served in a margarita glass with salt in the rim and a lime wedge.

While margarita flavors may vary, a traditional margarita is sour from the lime. It goes well with meatier, filling dishes such as enchiladas, steak, and pork recipes.


In northern Mexico, locals refer to Micheladas as “cerveza preparada” or beer cocktails. Made by mixing beer with lime juice, tomato juice, spices, and peppers, Micheladas are flavorful drinks that can cure hangovers.

Because food with eggs, chicken, and leafy greens are some of the items people eat to cure hangovers, a michelada goes well with dishes such as Huevos Rancheros, burritos, or other dishes filled with lots of ingredients.

These cocktails and dishes are our recommended pairs, but in the end, it depends on your preferences and taste buds. Find what you think is the best Mexican dish and drink combination for you.

We serve these authentic Mexican dishes and beverages in El Paso Mexican Restaurant. Our four locations around Virginia have different menus to offer, but they are all perfect for the cocktails we serve.

Visit your nearest El Paso Mexican Restaurant today to taste real Mexican flavors.

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